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Some facts about us:

As a private funding lender, We have affiliated with many passionate private investors and lenders (100+ members) happily providing our lending services to brokers and clients across Australia. Our team has excellent service and a wide variety of knowledge and experience in many different fields. So whatever you are looking for, we will have the perfect service for you. In conclusion, whatever your financial needs are we have everything for you in one place with people eager to lend you a helping hand, whatever your problem may be.

We consider all types of non-conforming business finance. Finance for clients that don’t qualify for bank funding. See below for what finances we can assist you with and get in touch with us today!

Finance We Can Assist With:


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Some business operators with a bad credit rating or no credit check at all can often feel that it is difficult or almost impossible to obtain a private loan. Currently this has been a long-standing opinion of many persons looking for loans, it is not necessarily true. If you are operating a business, it may be possible you to get a private loan without a credit check.

  • Have an idea of your credit score: as a business looking to secure a private loan to finance activity, you must know what your credit check is like. This has nothing to do with how good or how bad it is, but instead, it makes it easy for your business to explore the many loan options that are opened to it and how to go about accessing them.
  • In Fact, approach a lender and prove your creditworthiness: while many lenders and banks are keen on a good credit score as an essential requirement for giving out private loans to companies. Indeed, we provide such services to business operators who can prove their trustworthiness and ability to pay up the loan requested and the interest it attracts.
  • Maintain adequate and necessary documentation: it’s okay to have a credit check, but it is important to have the appropriate documents needed to secure a private loan with no credit check. Remember that the documents tendered by your company or business upon application for a loan go a long way in proving its trustworthiness or otherwise. Certain forms are termed as necessary to be provided by any company seeking a  loan with no credit check. 


Our in-depth knowledge and experience as private funding lenders will help you to secure the right loan at the right price considering your unique needs. Think outside the box and will help you to get your project funded quickly and with no hassle. Therefore we do believe that finance should not be that complicated.  We still intend to settle deals on an old fashioned handshake!

Zip Funding offers you the one-stop shop for all your business. Short and long term property finance, commercials and business finance. With our vast network of private financiers and investors, we can help you to find the right solution for all your financial needs. We are not an internet platform, and we are real people dealing with real people. We don’t close our doors at 5 PM, and we are there for you 24/7. Zip Funding offers its clients unparalleled customer service. Moreover, you will only deal with the same person from day one until the settlement of funds!

We have over 21 years of experience and expertise in the property and finance industry. That gives us an unlimited edge and access to a broad amount of products and resources! Working with us, you will always count on us! In brief, we will still work with you on your terms and conditions. 

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