Bridging loans can help fill the cash gap. We offer the best and lowest rates in Australia. Worried about your bad credit? No proof of income, credit checks, or documentation is needed. Read more about bridging loans. What is a bridging loan? This comprehensive guide covers the key characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of these loans.

Bridging loans bridge the gap between buying a new home and selling the old one. The guide explains how bridging loans work and who can benefit from them. They are also useful if you buy a property at auction and need the money immediately, but have not sold your current home.

Get the bridging loans at the lowest rates in Australia. Are you worried about your bad credit or lack of financials? This loan does not require any documentation, credit checks, or proof of income. Learn more about bridging loans. How do bridging loans work in Australia? Learn about the key characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of these loans in this comprehensive guide.

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What is a Bridging Loan?

What is a bridging loan? Go in between loans or short-term mortgages works as a relocation loan that helps you with financial needs for buying a new property while your existing property is for the sale. The term “Bridging” clearly states that it serves as a bridge. You can also buy a new home with a bridging loan while your current home is for the sale and pay the loan when your current home sells. Most families sell their old house first. However, you may want to buy it first.

While your current house or home is being sold, these loans offer the fastest way to buy a new one. Bridge loans provide you with the cash you need.

Do you have the perfect home? Building one? Moving? We can help. What is short-term bridging finance? Examples follow.

Before buying a new home, most people sell their old one. Could you get a loan during that bridging period? A  loan allows you to buy a new property while selling your old one.

How can we help? We guarantee the lowest rate in Australia for individuals and businesses. We offer all types of bridging loans. Documentation is minimal. 

A linking loan can help you acquire a new property while you wait for the sale of your existing home to go through. Connecting loans are applied when you need to pay for something new while waiting for funds to become available from selling something else.

How does Bridging a Loan work?

It is hard to find how this works in Australia. What are key factors and different types? Well, you do not need to worry anymore. Here is a complete guide on how bridging loans work in Australia. Relocation Loans are the fastest and most hassle-free option in the hour of need. This type of finance, in the same way, is called a bridge, swift, or interim loan. The main purpose of these types of loans is to cover your financial obligations while you are waiting on the settlement of your current property, and you already bought a new property or finally found your ideal property. In fact, it creates a bridge, allowing homeowners to make swift transit to new property or properties.

You’ve found the house you want but not sold the one you’re in. Finance will be necessary to bridge the gap between the sale of your existing home and the purchase of your new home. Essentially, it’s a line of credit that bridges the gap between purchasing a new property and receiving settlement funds.

But it’s imperative to remember that you’ll need to pay your original home loan and the bridging finance loan simultaneously. You’ll have to demonstrate you can repay interest costs between buying and selling.

When should you sell?

You may want to sell for many reasons, from location to lifestyle. It’s crucial to understand a few details about the property market since your timing may not coincide with the perfect market conditions.


Australia’s real estate market fluctuates with the seasons. Spring is typically the best time to sell.But winter is an excellent time to sell your home. With fewer properties, more buyers will be able to see your home.

Conditions of the real estate market

  • There are different homes on the marketplace than there are buyers. In a seller’s market, your property is likely to sell quickly.
  • A purchaser’s market is one in which there are more houses for sale than buyers. A buyer’s market requires persistence and being reasonable about price.

Sell before you buy


  • You’ll know how much to put toward your next purchase.
  • It’s okay to wait until you’re happy with the sale price of your property.
  • Bridging loans are not needed to finance both properties – nor are you required to pay two loans at once.


  • It may be challenging to locate a house, so you’ll have to move.
  • Rent and moving twice might be added expenses and hassle.
  • Prices might go up after you sell, prices might go up, and you might not be able to find your dream home at the right price.

Buy before selling


  • Going into a rental property and multiple moving fees is avoided.
  • Getting a new house to buy in a hurry is not my way of thinking.
  • By taking advantage of a rising market, you may get more for your money and make more on your home sale.


  • The new property may require a bridging loan.
  • Bridging loans have a higher interest rate.
  • Having to repay two mortgages at once will be costly and stressful.
  • If you need the money to pay off your loan, you may have to sell your original property at a lower price. Bridge loans must be repaid within 12 months.
  • It may be necessary to find more funds if you can’t sell your existing home for what you expect or need.
  • To persuade an owner to hold the house while you sort out your circumstances, you might need to make a higher offer when making a conditional offer.

Taking out a short term mortgage is risky. In addition, make sure managing two loans is financially feasible for you. If not, sell first. You can reduce stress by implementing a few simple things:

  • Negotiate an extended settlement term
  • Give yourself more time to find a property by renting your home from the new owner.

You can apply for this loan through banks. You will need to provide all required documentation and have to meet their criteria involving a good credit score. The other non-bank option is private loan lenders like us. Private lenders do not require any documentation or credit checks. They will lend you a loan even with a bad credit score. We offer Australias Lowest Rates. Call now to secure your special rate!

How Can Bridging Loans Help You?

Bridging loans are the fastest way to buy new property or home while your current one is for the sale. It helps you with the cash needed to buy the new property.

Found a new perfect home? or building a new one? or are you looking to move houses? Bridging finance can make that possible for you. Let us explain to you how is short term bridging finance works? We will also share a few examples of bridging finance.

Most people sell their old home first and then buy their new one. What if you can get a loan during that bridging period? Bridging finance is typically a short-term loan that you can take to buy a new property while you are selling your old one.

How can we help? We lend to individuals and businesses that require bridging finance. Guaranteed lowest rate financing in Australia. Get our bridging loans for all purposes. We do not require a huge pile of documentation or ask any questions. 


We provide this bridging financing for a time period of up to 36 months. Call us at 0439462664 or visit zip funding for more details.


Bridging loan eligibility

Equally important we have developed the experience to work with clients to tailor a suitable loan for all property needs, either a new or old one. We listen, we solve!

Who is eligible for bridging loans? The details are given below.

INTEREST RATE (FROM)Call for your special Rate

What can you use Bridging Finance for?

  • Buy a property
  • Buy a property at the auction
  • Property development
  • Investment
  • Business ventures
  • Paying a tax bill
  • Divorce settlements.

Bridging loans for property development

Fast finance is popular with developers and property owners who need to fund projects on properties they will sell soon. People take out bridge loans to move houses. Here are the most common bridging loans. 

Types of Bridging Loans

Bridging loans come in two types: locked and open.

Lending against closed loans

If you have swapped contracts but are waiting for your property sale to complete, this kind of loan is perfect for you. There is no end date. Depend Sometimes they last even longer, depending on the provider. and have a fixed end date. the end date is a fixed need Typically, they’re used by people who need to borrow money for

Open loans

Repayment of an open loan is not fixed. 

A lender wants to see a clear repayment strategy, such as equity from a property sale or taking out a mortgage.

The flexibility of open bridging loans in Australia makes them more expensive than closed ones. You must work out the ‘exit route’ before borrowing a bridging loan – a method of repaying it.

If your payment plan fails, you should also have a backup in place.

In an emergency, a bridge loan is the fastest and easiest option. The same applies to bridge, swift, or interim loans. The purpose of these loans is to cover your financial obligations while you wait to settle your current property. Perhaps you have already bought your dream home. Bridges allow homeowners to quickly move from one property to another.

It is a bank loan. All the paperwork is required, as well as a good credit score. The private lenders offer this facility with no credit checks, no documentation, and no age restrictions. Fast and easy. 

Several factors can cause poor credit. Find out more on our website about the elements in your credit file that may impact you and how you can improve them. Adverse credit may result in higher mortgage rates, and you cannot access specialist lenders directly. Therefore, you should seek advice from a broker or specialist lender who can analyze your situation and will get a solution.

What is the cost of a bridging loan?

Interim loans are typically calculated monthly rather than annually because of their transient nature.

A loan’s biggest downside is that it is expensive: you could have a monthly fee of between 0.5% and 1.5%.

Therefore, they are more expensive than a typical residential mortgage. Loans have an equal annual ratio rate (APR) between 4.1% and 5.6%.

Set-up fees are usually around 2% of the loan amount. Make sure you won’t need bridging loans for a long time.

How much can you borrow?

Some money lenders might lend anything between $50,000 and over $25m per one transaction in cash terms.The highest loan-to-value ratio (LTV) of 80% of the value of your property is generally applied.

Is there another option?

You can refinance your current home and use the equity released to buy a new one. That takes time.

An overview of bridge loan interest rates

Bridging loans may have higher interest rates. It depends on your credit score and the lender.

Bridging loans are meant to tide you over a few weeks or months. Bridging loans typically have regular repayments instead of yearly percentage costs. Interest is not always charged monthly.

How is it calculated?

  • You pay interest every month in arrears
  • Deferred or rolled up interest – interest paid  at the end of your loan
  • Pre-Paid – You borrow the money and all the associated fees for an agreed period of time and pay them back at the end of the loan.

Combining these options with some lenders is possible. During the first six months, you can decide to keep interested and then switch to monthly interest


  • Legal fees
  • Valuation fees
  • Broker fees

Applying for a short term bridging finance

  • Following this step-by-step guide, you can find the best bridging loans and private finance rates.

    • Determine what you need from your bridge loan. How much money do you need? When do you need it?
    • Take a moment to collect all the necessary information. For example, what is the value of your property? What is your debt? How much equity do you have? You’ll need all of this information if you’re looking for cheap bridging loans.

Does it take long to get a loan?

  • It’s quick to apply. After comparing loans and finding the best loan costs, you are able to make your request in real-time.

What is Max Amount available?

  • Moneylenders offer loans ranging from $50,000 to $10 million. Your credit rating matters most, as does the value of the property you are using as collateral and the property’s value against the loan. Term loans over $50 million may be possible in some cases.

Bridging finance with a poor credit score:

  • You can still apply for bridging finance even if you have bad credit. Set-up costs may be higher. It costs more. It is difficult to get the very best bridging loan rates with bad credit. You should first improve your credit score to get the best deal.

Tips to be concerned about:

There is no lack of companies offering this type of loan. From banks to small, specialist lenders.

Many banks offer bridging loans, but some only provide them to existing customers. Credit unions also provide bridging loans to their members. At the same time, some non-bank lenders offer bridging loans that might look appealing with offers such as the first few months interest-free, but the interest rate and application fee can be higher than if you went with a traditional lender. Ensure you always check the comparison rates that take into account charges and the product disclosure statement for penalty and default clauses.

A broker can help you find the right bridging finance. Although they may charge a fee, since they are experts and have connections, they are well-positioned to find competitive prices.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Bridging Loan


  • Fast Settlements
  • Large amounts of cash
  • Flexibility


  • secured against your home
  • Interest rates are higher
  • Fees And Charges are higher

Options available

  • Consider getting a second-ranking mortgage.
  • Remortgage your home to free up some cash.
  • Caveats
  • A commercial loan may be right for you.

Key Features:







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