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Joint Venture & Private Equity Funding at the lowest interest rates in Australia. It does not require credit checks or financial documentation. Get this funding in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and all across Australia. With our guaranteed Joint Venture & Private Equity Funding, you have a variety of choices. Got a bad credit history or no financials? You can count on us. Contact us by filling our contact form or call us direct at 0439462664. The majority of loans have immediate conditional approval.

Zip Funding is one of Australia’s leading facilitators of private equity and joint venture funding for property development projects with years of experience and market knowledge.

Invest in property development with private equity and joint venture funding from Australia’s leading providers.

Our database includes clients such as Private Individuals, High Net Worth Families, and Investment Companies looking for the right opportunity to partner with you. Direct investment into a project (Equity Partner) or the formation of a joint venture partnership in which different skill sets are combined.

For your next project, WE can help you find either an equity partner or joint venture partner, following which the terms of the arrangement can be negotiated.

For more information on how we can find the right property development finance solution for your group, contact us today.

You may have a grand idea brewing in your head, journal, or pocket, but if you don’t have the resources, capital, or market knowledge to implement it, it won’t come to fruition. Therefore, forming a joint venture with another company is a plausible solution and an essential first step.

Advantages of Joint Venture:


Insights and expertise gained from new insights

A joint venture allows you to gain new insights and expertise. Given the short-term partnership you have forged, the market is now much easier to understand.

More resources

Joint ventures give you access to specialized staff and technology. It is now possible to use your equipment and capital.

It’s temporary

Joint ventures are only temporary arrangements between companies. You won’t commit to it long-term.

It’s a risk/cost-sharing arrangement

If the joint-group project fails, you are not alone in bearing the costs. Since you both agreed to share the expenses, you will also support the losses.


Joint ventures have a limited lifespan and cover only a fraction of what you do, thereby limiting your commitment and business exposure.

There are ways to end a joint venture

Companies can use a joint venture to remove a non-core business from the timeline of divestiture and consolidation.

It’s yours, and you’ll know when to sell it

Over time, firms can separate their business from the rest of the organization and then sell it to the other parent company. Around 80% of joint ventures end in a sale from one partner to another.

The odds of success are greater

With a reputable brand behind you, your chances of success are higher. Your credibility will also significantly improve as a result.

Your relationships and networks will grow

Even though your partnership is for a specific goal, you will create long-term business relationships.

Your potential is virtually limitless

Even with little to no money at your disposal, you can create more venture deals. With your partners, you will generate momentum. Get in on this!

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