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Jumbo Luxury Property Loans at the lowest interest rates in Australia. It does not require any credit checks or financial documentation. Get this Loan in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, and all across Australia. With our guaranteed Jumbo Luxury Property Loan,  you have a variety of choices. Got a bad credit history or no financials?  You can count on us. Contact us by filling our contact form or call us direct at 0439462664. The majority of loans have immediate conditional approval.

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You may have limited borrowing power!

Properties worth more than $3,000,000 are considered luxury residential properties ($2,000,000 in some states). Most of these properties are in capital cities and are held by high-net-worth individuals.

It’s all about choosing the right lender because some banks limit your borrowing power.

How much can you borrow?

There are generally limits on how much a lender will lend to 70% or less of the property value. Several lenders specialise in lending for these properties and can lend up to 80% of the value on a case-by-case basis. Some lenders refer to these types of loans as “jumbo loans” or “high-value loans”.

Contact us online or on 0439462664  for expert advice about the amount you can borrow for a luxury property.

Choosing a home loan isn’t just about the rate! Many larger loans have restrictive terms, hidden costs, or high exit fees. Be sure there are no hidden surprises with us.

Getting a better rate discount

Banks are willing to negotiate different rate discounts based on their funding position and their lending targets. Those lenders with too many applications to process are less likely to give more significant discounts.

How do you find the cheapest lender? Alternatively, a specialist mortgage broker can negotiate directly with banks, credit unions, and other lenders on your behalf.

Making the most of your loan

When you have a high income but a small deposit, your main goal should be to obtain the highest possible loan to value ratio (LVR). You are borrowing a percentage of the property’s value.

On a case-by-case basis, we can assign approval for loans over $1,000,000 or extend a  maximum loan amount to 80% for loans over $3,000,000.

Why is conservatism so popular?


The banks are in an unusual position when dealing with customers applying for home loans over $1,000,000. The risk of loans over $2,000,000 is much higher than that of a loan of $300,000. Penthouse apartments are usually located in the central business district of a capital city, which means they may be subject to more significant price fluctuations than other properties.

Furthermore, lenders often give a special rate discount, so their margins are much smaller. Because they make more money from larger loans, they are eager to do business with you, but they are also cautious due to the greater risk!

Loans are likely to be declined by lenders who offer special rates but also give special discounts. Therefore, it is essential to not just look at the potential value but also how comfortable that lender will be with your particular situation.

How to get your special rate?

Not sure if you’ll get approved for a home loan at a great rate?

Our specialist lenders can assist you with financing a luxury property. Call 0439462664 or visit zip funding for more information!

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Need a jumbo luxury property loan?

As a private loan provider, our strong beliefs coincide with the fact that finance should not be that complicated. We are a true Common-Sense Lender, who is always on your side. Most loans are settled within 24-72 hours.

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