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At Zip Finance Australia, we strive to provide our clients with the best financing solutions. Our funding solutions take a variety of factors into account to meet your needs

Clients are generally aware of most existing financing options. In addition, some options are less common but are often the best for our customers. Mezzanine funding is one of these funding alternatives that our clients may not be aware of.

What is Mezzanine Finance?

A mezzanine loan is an alternative to traditional finance that we offer to clients needing fast financing but having difficulties obtaining traditional funding. A subordinated loan is a secondary type of debt. It is also known as junior or junior debt.

Zip Finance Australia offers a range of financial services that facilitate mezzanine funding as a means for property developers to get the necessary capital to complete a project. When more giant lending corporations limit the amount of money they will approve for a specific development; Mezzanine financing is perfect for filling funding gaps.
The subordinated debt is positioned between the senior and junior debt of the primary mortgage and the client’s equity. The principal loan will always take precedence over the mezzanine loan; The initial lender will recoup their debt first

Mezzanine financing extends the debt beyond the regular terms LTV Ratio or LVR (Land Value Ratio)

Most traditional lenders do not offer this option. Taking care of each other Sources offer flexibility not found anywhere else. Typically, the amount allowed is More than 65-75 per cent of the project’s total development cost. Lenders advance up to 90% of the TDC in a mezzanine. We’re financing. The borrower Risk capital must present ten per cent of the funds as a form of project equity. In addition, the borrower must reduce risk as much as possible. 

What are ways a developer can show that the project risk is minimal?

  • Presales in the development
  • Contracted construction costings
  • Approval of senior debt

How is a Mezzanine Loan different from a Traditional Bridging?

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Mezzanine financing is often compared to bridging loans in the financial world. However, the more accurate comparison would be calling the mezzanine loan a hybridisation of a traditional bridging loan.

Although bridging loans and mezzanine loans are similar, they differ because: 

Borrowers generally take out bridge loans for a brief period. The duration of a bridging loan is typically measured in weeks or months. The term of mezzanine loans can range from one year to 18 months.

How can Mezzanine Financing Benefit my Development Project?

  • You will hold on to most (or possibly all) of the control of your development
  • The option of a flexible amortisation schedule
  • Access to capital quicker

Why Choose Zip Finance Australia for Mezzanine Funding?

  • Our team of financial backers is ready to provide our clients with funds.
  • We have extensive experience sourcing mezzanine loans.
  • Throughout our history, we have provided flexible and timely financial solutions
  • A client is more than a transaction number to us. We listen to your goals and facilitate your financing to help you achieve them.
    Mezzanine financing can be the solution you need to open opportunities for growth and future success.

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