Non resident home loans for students and immigrants in Australia. Our non-resident home loan does not require financial documentations or credit checks. We guarantee lowest rates and fast approvals. Get your non resident home loan in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, and all across Australia. Are you afraid of your bad credit history? Is it financial documents? Do not worry, we never ask for those. You can count on us for your home loans. Contact us by filling our contact form or call us direct at 0439462664. The majority of loans have immediate conditional approval.

Non Resident Home Loans

Our non-bank non residential loan is a better alternative to a typical Australian bank loan. We as a private lender, are capable of funding home real estate transactions up to $45 Million for a single security. Get your non resident home loan quickly with our stress free process. We are here to guide you through the process. 

There are thousands of foreigners, expatriates, and temporary residents who buy homes in Australia every year. We hope to aid you in how the buying process works and how we can help you obtain an Australian mortgage as a non-resident.

What is a Non Resident Home Loan?

A non resident home loan is a home loan for the non residents of Australia like students, immigrants, etc. Different types of home loans are available for different types of borrowers, whether you are an Australian citizen, or a foreigner living abroad

Things to Consider for Non Resident Home Loans

To begin with, you should read the following: Buying property in Australia – what do I need to know? Establishing the rules is the next step for foreign investors to invest in Australia.
It is crucial to note that you may need the approval of the Department of Foreign Investments Board in light of your current situation.

How much can I borrow with Non Residential Loans?

Australians can borrow an average of 80% of the property’s value when buying real estate. In some cases, you can borrow up to 95%. The location you live makes a difference if you are an Australian citizen or a non resident, and the terms of your current visa.

If you are interested in borrowing over 80% LVR, please get in touch with one of our specialist lenders at 0439462664 or enquire online, and one of our non residential loan specialists will contact you.

What are the features of non-resident mortgages?

Second Mortage loans

Some Australian banks now offer non-citizens the same home loan features and interest rates that they offer to average mortgagors.

  • Loan Amounts from:  $100,000.00
  • Loan size: Varies depending on your location
  • Maximum LVR: Varies depending on your situation
  • Interest-only Terms
  • Fixed rates and Flexible Terms
  • Professional Business  package discounts: Available
  • Construction home loans: Available
  • Extra repayments: Available
  • Redraw: Available
  • 100% offset: Available

Even though the features of a loan may vary depending on the lender, our mortgage brokers can usually locate you with a loan that meets your needs and has flexible policies for non-resident borrowers.


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