Property Development Finance at the lowest interest rate in Australia. Get this finance in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and all across Australia with no doc or credit checks.In the highly aggressive Australian real estate market, obtaining a property development loan quickly and with excellent terms will give you a winning edge.

Taking advantage of development project opportunities before competitors sneak them away will make you more competitive. You will also maximize your investment return by securing property development finance on the most favourable terms. We understand the importance of financing your property development project quickly and hassle-freely on the best possible terms. We are private lending specialists for Australian property developers. Lowest Rates with Zero Hassles!

Zip Funding provides a complete end-to-end solution for Australia’s finance and partnering property developments.

We combine expert knowledge and practical skills across commercial property development, property finance, and strategic advisory to ensure the best outcomes.

The level of assurance and reliability offered to our borrowers is high. Our services include flexible, tailored finance solutions to high-quality real-estate borrowers across the investment landscape. This collaborative approach ensures that these projects are implemented and that loans are structured to meet borrowers’ objectives.

Starting from $2M, we provide senior and mezzanine debt. Transactions with us typically involve the following:

  • Funding for pre-development sites
  • Construction financing
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Residual Development loans
  • Land Subdivision finance

With Australia’s highly competitive real estate market, you want to be prepared to secure property development finance quickly and on excellent terms.

Developing project opportunities will help you stand out from the competition.

Furthermore, you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) if you can secure your property development finance on the best possible terms. The bottom line on any property development project should be the return on investment.

We know how critical it is to obtain the best possible terms conveniently and hassle-freely when it comes to property development. Property developers in Australia can turn to us for private lending.

Property Development Loans from Private Lenders: What Are The Advantages?

  •  Pre-sale requirements are minimal (or non-existent).
  •  Documentation is minimal.
  •  There is no credit check.
  •  There is a minimum equity/deposit requirement.
  •  No previous experience is needed.
  •  Customized repayment terms are available for each project.
  •  Fast approvals and settlements across Australia.

What are construction and development loans?

Securing construction financing is integral to the success of any development project, regardless of its size. Developers can access alternative forms of financing Australia-wide at the lowest rates and fastest turnaround times in our industry.

Loans for construction and development include:

  • No pre-sale financing
  • Land Financing
  • Joint Ventures 
  • Mezzanine Funding
  • Preferred equity
  • Investments in residual development stocks
  • Pre-sale funding by foreign buyers

We provide fast, flexible, well-structured construction and development loans that have significant commercial benefits. We have funded over $1 billion in Australian projects. We have been specializing in property development financing, construction loans, and property development for over 20 years, giving us an edge in the market. Our development finance interest rates are the best.

Get the lowest interest rate and highest LVR available at the time.

Non-Bank, Mortgage Funds, Private Lenders and High Net Worth Investors.

Development finance (also known as construction finance) is a type of financing used to build or develop multi-residential properties (such as apartment complexes), corporate properties (such as offices), or commercial premises.


Private lenders have far less stringent lending criteria than banks. Private lenders will be able to process the application and approval process much more quickly.

  • Banks typically require a certain percentage of pre-sales for finance applications involving multiple residential units/apartments. Pre-sales are sales before a building is completed.
  • On the other hand, private lenders typically require much lower pre-sales for property development financing approvals. Some private lenders will even approve property development loan applications with NO pre-sales. As a result, developers have much more flexibility in financing and starting their projects.

Developers often find it challenging to get pre-sales “off the plan”. The fastest way to generate sales for a property development project is to start and complete construction as soon as possible.

Once construction begins, buyers can visualize themselves living in the home. A dream becomes a reality. The sale of a completed project becomes even easier once the purchasers can move in almost immediately after the project is complete.

Australia is quickly becoming a country where private lenders are the norm.

Because of their less stringent lending requirements, private lenders can be an excellent option for owner-builders and builder-developers.

Private Lender Loans Can Be:

This is a great way to acquire funds quickly for a development project.

An excellent source of short-term funds to start a property development project.

Designed to enable you to withdraw your equity before a project is completed (so that you can move on to your next development project).

Property Development Funding In Australia

Property development can be financed in two ways:

1) total development costs (TDC); and
2) gross realization value (GRV).

Total Development Costs


TDC is the total cost of your property development project, including:

  • The cost of purchasing a property.
  • Building costs.
  • Finance interest costs.
  • Property holding costs (like council rates and insurance).
  • Property marketing and sales costs (for example, advertising for tenants).

Private lenders may lend up to a higher percentage of the TDC than others (for example, 90%). You can start working on your project sooner by providing a higher equity rate (deposit).

A private lender is likelier to lend to a higher percentage of TDC than a bank lender.

Gross Realized Value (GRV)

GRV, on the other hand, is the estimated completion value of a property development project (excluding GST). Again, some private lenders may be prepared to lend up to a higher percentage of the GRV than others. Either way, private lenders are more likely to lend to a higher rate of the GRV than a bank lender.

Lenders tend to be more willing to lend to a higher percentage of the TDC than the GRV. It is essential to understand that the GRV can also be significantly higher than the TDC if you increase the property’s value with your development project.

Adding value to any project requires property developers to do the following:

  • Choosing the right location for your property.
  • Property types in high demand are being built.
  • Using high-quality builders and materials to create high-quality properties.
  • Marketing the property both while it is being made and after it is complete

Property Development Loans From Private Lenders

Private lenders provide property development loans. These loans are financed by individuals or by private companies.

Private loans for property development projects typically last up to two years.

Construction work can be completed during this time, and the property can be marketed and sold. Additionally, it minimizes the lender’s risk.

Banks value property development projects more conservatively than private lenders, who fund their loans themselves. An experienced property developer will tell you that property valuations can make or break a property finance development application, especially with a traditional lender.

Additionally, private lenders will be less concerned if it’s your first project (or one of your firsts) than a bank will be. Rather than considering your experience as a developer, private lenders assess the feasibility of the property finance development itself.

Even if you don’t have any experience in property development, it’s essential for both the lender and you that the numbers on your project stack up. In addition, you should have any development approvals you need in place and your project builders in place if you’re not an owner-builder or a builder-developer.

How Can We Help With Your Property Development Finance Needs?

Zip Funding will address your specific property development project funding requirements. Our panel of over 200 private lenders will then match you with a suitable lender. We’re just as eager for your property development project to succeed as you are, and we can help you arrange the funds to make your development dreams come true.

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