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Bridge financing is required when you have loans on two properties – one you just purchased and one you are trying to sell simultaneously. Whilst interest rates are usually at the standard variable rate, they can be very costly in other ways.

What is a relocation loan?

A relocation loan or a moving loan is the amount to purchase and move/relocate into your new home before your old home is sold. Once your previous home is sold, you can pay down or reduce the mortgage on the new home.

The bulk of landowners is unaware of their options when they want to upgrade to a larger next home or have to move for work. Finding that perfect next home can be stressful enough. Making the financial arrangements can be equally challenging. In an ideal world, you’d find a buyer for your existing home and a new home. In reality, it doesn’t always work out that way. Fortunately, a good home loan solution can help make things easier

This is also known as a bridge loan. The lender will loan you the money to purchase and move into your new home before you sell your old home. The sale proceeds are used to reduce or pay off the mortgage on the new house.

Moving house loans are priced monthly rather than annually because people tend to take them out for a short period. Bridging loans can be costly: you could face monthly fees between 0.5% and 1.5%. This makes them much more expensive than a standard mortgage. A bridging loan’s annual percentage rate (APR) ranges between 6.1% and 9.6% – much elevated than many traditional home equity loans.

There are set-up fees to consider, usually around 2% of the loan amount, so you should only consider taking a bridging loan out if you are confident that you will not need it for a long time.

Relocation Loan and Moving Home Loan with No Docs

Everyone needs a relocation loan when their old house is at the sale. With our low rate moving home loan you can buy your new bad credit home loans into it without the trouble of waiting for your previous home to be sold.

This loan is constructed in two ways. Firstly. Pay the debt (usually only interest) on both properties at the same time. In many cases, this isn’t possible, and trying to satisfy the debt of two properties can be very stressful.

Secondly, In the bridging or relocation period, you do not make any repayments, but… the interest on the mortgages of both properties (peak debt) is added to the loan amount (interest capitalization). The end debt of your mortgage will increase once you have sold your existing property.

To determine if you may qualify for bridging Finance, Zip FINANCE consultants assess your situation and will structure the best possible option available.

How Moving Finance and Relocation Finance Can Help You?

Selling your home first would be ideal if you were moving. Arrange a longer settlement term on your current property, so you have enough time to find a property that meets your requirements. When you know your budget, you will be able to plan your relocation home loan.

Relocation home loans can be arranged at short notice and without lengthy paperwork. The relocation loan is secured by both properties, the one you’re buying and selling. Home equity can make a real difference to your borrowing power.

As another attractive benefit of relocation loans, lenders often calculate your repayments based on the expected credit total after your loan has been paid off with proceeds from the sale of your old house. Therefore, you should have a very realistic expectation of the value of the property you wish to sell to avoid an unreasonably high debt.

Depending on the lender, your current home can be sold for six months and a year. You may also be allowed to make interest-only payments during that period to make it easier on your pocket. Remember, too, that more interest accumulates at the peak mortgage level by extending the selling period.

Most people are reluctant to sell if they can’t find a new home, particularly if rising prices. A relocation loan could help you move if your existing property has good equity.

The right relocation loan for you offers regular repayment schedules, minimal refinancing costs, and the capability to adapt to ever-changing situations. Take benefit of grand plans that are individually tailored and ready for approval for convenience and savings.

Bridging Finance or relocation finance may be an option if a longer settlement term is not available. You will discuss with your Pink Finance consultant if you meet relocation Finance’s strict criteria. The loan for moving house is an acceptable option; however, negotiating an extended settlement before you exchange on the property you would like to purchase will allow you to sell your existing home or arrange for settlement to coincide.

How much can you borrow with a relocation mortgage?

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Bridging loan providers might lend up to $25m in cash. However, you can usually borrow up to 75% of the value of your property as a loan-to-value ratio (LTV). If you are taking out a first-charge mortgage, you can typically have a higher loan than getting out a second-ranking mortgage.

Alternatives to bridging loans include:

  • Depending on the amount of finance needed, unsecured loans such as personal loans, credit cards or bank overdrafts may be an option. Such lending is typically capped at about $30,000. Due to the risks to the lender, interest rates are often higher than secured loans, and consequently, the overall costs would need to be compared to other financial options. Additionally, unsecured loans are typically for shorter periods than secured loans, typically up to seven years, impacting repayments.
  • You can remortgage your current property to access some equity to raise additional funds. You may save on interest rates by remortgaging; however, other fees, such as valuation, arrangement, and solicitor fees, would apply. Thus, a full costing of the option should be commenced before continuing.
  • An additional loan on a property is a second charge mortgage. The duration varies. Second charge mortgages are helpful when remortgaging would be expensive. As the property is used as security, rates are higher than first charge mortgages.
  • Depending on the purpose of the loan, there may be specific financial products available, such as buy-to-let mortgages, property development finance and equity release loans. It is highly suggested that a personalised appointment with a finance broker is made to discuss the options available for various scenarios.

Should You Consider a Moving or a Relocation Home Loan?

As with any economic decision, it is always suggested that all options be explored and analyzed before committing to any opportunity to ensure that the choice is appropriate for the needs and is the expense-effective solution.

As specialist lenders, we have insight into the current market conditions to advise the best approach for various situations. We have an insight into the current success rates of other applications. We can also support you from your initial inquiry throughout the process to completion, aiding with paperwork and any queries.

We highly recommend that financial advice be sought before making any significant financial decisions and can support applicants with personal circumstances and financial objectives. Why not call us today to book an appointment to get started! Zip funding also provides short term property loans services.

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