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Zip Funding aims to support regional and rural communities. Whether you want to purchase a restricted property, finance a farm or refinance an existing property, we have loan solutions.

We offer rural property loans to help you purchase properties in regional areas.

Financing Commercial Farms, Vineyards, Rural Lands And More!

Farm Loans
  • Commercial Farm
  • Ranch Property
  • Rural/Regional Home
  • Hobby Farm
  • Country Farm
  • Bare Land

We Solve Complex Issues

The purchase of rural property is more complex than purchasing a home in a developed area. We help you navigate the lending process quickly and efficiently. We have knowledge and expertise in rural loan products, we know what to look for and how much you should be paying. Whether it’s a small or large plot, our experts can help.

Rural Property Loans Options

We strive to help you obtain the financing you need, whether you purchase rural property or need funding for development, equipment or working capital.

Whether you have bad credit or have been rejected by banks, we can help. Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of rural property owners, cooperatives, and businesses.

Don’t be discouraged by banks! Experience the difference. A team of experienced professionals and exceptional customer service make us one of the best.

Have you been denied a rural property loan?

Dairy farms and estate properties in the country are perfect for rural home loans. A rural home loan or rural property loan can be challenging but not impossible. 

While many banks and lenders do not want to take the risk, Zip Funding has continuously helped those who need a loan for rural property, hobby farms, commercial farms, ranch properties, country farms, vacant land, vineyards, etc.

Do I Have A Hobby Farm Or A Commercial Farm?


The two farms are different. Hobby farms are primarily residential areas that are not used for speculative investment or commercial income. You can raise livestock and grow crops on your hobby farm, but only as part of your lifestyle. There are no assets like machinery, livestock, crops, etc.

 We strive to improve your financial well-being with various Australian loan products and debt management services.

F.A.Q of Rural Property Loans & Finance

What is the deposit for a farm in Australia?

Some lenders may require only a 20% deposit for land up to 50 hectares. However, if you’re buying land larger than this, you’ll need a 20–40% deposit.

How Much Can I borrow for a farm?

If you’re buying a commercial farm, most banks lend a maximum of 60% of the land value. If you’re not buying a farm, the Loan to Value Ratio (L.V.R.) varies from lender to lender. Your borrowing power generally depends on the lender, loan product, and your application’s strength.

Can I use my super to buy the rural property?

You would have to have a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), as they are generally able to invest in a rural property as long as it meets the ‘investment strategy of the SMSF. The property purchase also needs to meet the sole purpose test, which means it has to provide retirement benefits for its members purely.

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Funding amounts range from $50,000 to $45,000,000.

Our business specialists are standing by to help determine the best product for your business needs.We understand small business, finance, and how each of our business loan products can be applied to your unique business and situation

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