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Based in Melbourne, our company has been providing second mortgage loans to Australians since 2001. We strongly believe that our second mortgage loan can offer the best and the fastest turnaround times in our industry. We offer Australias lowest rates . No doc and no credit checks are required. Get a second mortgage loan quickly in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and all across Australia.

As a leading finance company that offers cutting edge expertise and deep knowledge in every aspect of property and business funding transactions, we are proud to announce our new revamped finance line of brilliant second mortgage loan products and finance options. With our latest online technology, capability, and experience in non-bank commercial transactions, we can launch any of your business ventures through borrowing capital secured against your existing assets.

Our short term property loans and bridging finance options will give you the means to deploy large amounts of cash for land, construction, business, property acquisition, either in residential, commercial, or industrial space. We work with companies and individual across Australia. Our speedy loan approvals process and simple credit protocols enable companies to complete real estate development projects, such as affordable housing projects, multi-Unit developments, renovations of existing properties, and many more. Flexible terms and low-interest rates guarantee our clients hassle-free and straightforward financing options.

What is a Second Mortgage?

A second mortgage or caveat loan is a loan secured on your property by a third party other than your lender. Often, people use them for home improvements as an alternative way to raise money, but readily available information you need to know before you apply.

It is becoming increasingly popular to take out a second mortgage loan to access additional funds. Using this type of funding, the lender can already register the second interest on an asset. As a result, business owners have a broader range of financing options, allowing them to select the kind of funding that best suits their needs. Another mortgage loan will enable you to refinance your existing asset with another lender to meet your short-term needs.

Those who require the loan for a short period can repay it early and have the second mortgage interest removed. Generally, second mortgages are only available to borrowers who have repaid a portion of their home loan. Those who need immediate cash are more likely to take out this funding. It is a quick loan solution.

What Second Mortgages Are and How They Work?

A second mortgage loan is a financial mechanism allowing you to use the equity in your property. In the finance industry space, a second-ranking mortgage referred to as a home equity loan. However, it is very different from home equity products, which mainstream banks and tier-one lenders currently offer.

It offers you or your business to borrow a large sum of money without hassle or financial scrutiny.

Specific taxation benefits can be applicable in most cases and will give your business tax deductions on the interest rate paid.

The cons of Second Mortgage Loans that it attracts higher interest rates and will require consent and deed of priority from your bank.

Limited ability to use your property as collateral to obtain further funding can make this finance option not an attractive choice.

Is a 2nd Mortgage Good Idea?

A second mortgage funding be a can handy tool for businesses who requconsolidating business debt or improvingrove their credit score.

By acquiring a second mortgage, a business can enhance its productivity and expand a business idea to a new level by harnessing specific opportunities open to it.

Second Mortgages Requirements

Unlike the banks, which are not offering this option, we made this process quite simple fast-trackeYou you will need 25-30% equity in your property and corporate borrower det to qualify for a second mortgageails. No proof of income or credit checks required. All applicants are accepted.

Second Mortgages Rates

Second Home Mortgage loan rates are often lower than caveat loans, unsecured business loans, or even credit cards. Our rates are very competitive in today’s market space and start from as low as 8.99% PA. Its interest-only facility. Our terms are 2-12-24 -36 Months. There is no penalty for early discharge.

Second Mortgages Calculators

Equity is the main component determining how much credit you can apply for. Measuring the difference between the outstanding balance and property market value determines the amount of credit available for you.

Benefits of Second Mortgage

People who choose to take out an additional mortgage have many reasons. The benefits why people choose this option:
  • Equity Release, an extra fast loan, permits you to gain access to fairness into your home, which can help free up your money stream.
  • Debt consolidation.The easiest way to help you with consolidating your debts.
  • Alternative to refinancing. A second mortgage also provides an alternative to refinancing, which may involve break costs, exit fees and other legal fees.
  • Home renovations: Accessing home equity can also allow you to make much-needed home renovations or repairs, which can also increase the value of your property.
  • You are going, guarantor. If you are a guarantor on a loan for a family member or friend, you can use an additional mortgage over your property as extra security for the bank or lender.

Which situations make a second mortgage unwise?

Getting out a second mortgage can be a big step, and the interest rates can be a lot higher than for first mortgages. consider all the risks and disadvantages of this method:
  • Accumulating debt. Make sure you can have enough money to get repayments on two mortgages
  • High Set Up costs. Second mortgages generally have higher fees than first mortgages. Taking out a second mortgage will also require you to budget for a price your first lender will charge. 
  • Lower LVRsSecond mortgages usually have lower maximum loan-to-value (LVR) ratios, which means borrowing will be limited. Typically lenders will allow you to have a loan of  60% and 80% of the property’s value, even though this may be slightly higher if your first and second mortgages in Australia are with the original lender.
  • Encreased Debt Exposure. Servicing two mortgages can be confusing and complex – especially if the loans are with different lenders.
  • Limited option.
Only a limited selection of specialist lenders will consider this type of lending.

The risks and alternatives

Falling behind on your mortgage and don’t repay it, additional interest can mount.If you sell your home,  the first mortgage gets cleared in full. However, you should know that the second mortgage lender can pursue you for any shortfall.


Further advances involve taking on more debt from your current lender. If you compare a second mortgage to your primary mortgage, the rate is often lower, and the terms are usually better.

Second Mortgage Provider with Lowest Interest Rates in Australia

Second Mortage loans

We are one of the leading second mortgage providers offering the lowest interest rates in Australia. Get your 2nd mortgage from the best. Fast approvals. We offer Australias lowest rates. A second mortgage loan is a different kind of loan type that is undertaken using your current property.

Furthermore, many finance companies refer to a second mortgage as being similar to a home equity loan. Equally important businesses will often make use of this second mortgage. In the same way, we shall be looking at the nature of a second mortgage, its role, our second mortgage services, and the pros and cons of the second mortgage loan.

Second Mortgages Lenders For Bad Credit and No Doc in Australia

Looking for 2nd mortgage lenders? We are a private second mortgage lender for bad credit with no doc in Australia. The lowest rate is guaranteed. Second mortgage funding facilities for people with bad credit history, with no proof of income and no documentation required. We offer free consultation from the start till the end. We are open 24/7 for everyone.

If your business has acquired some sort of property that is valuable in one sense or another. Addition,ally Equity released from this property can be used to secure a second mortgage loan for your business,yourself order to start or grow your business. For instance, the loan requested for is being borrowed against the equity in your property. Besides s, people will only consider a second mortgage loan when they have high business expenses and sufficient equity.

In fact, unlike primary mortgages, second mortgages in Australia usually attract a very high-interest rate. In fact, when you are requesting this loan from Zip Finance, we offer second mortgages at an affordable rate. Truly, our aim is to add value to your business by making second mortgages more available and affordable.

Why your business needs a second mortgage

Over the years, businesses from all around Australia have applied to us for second mortgages. These businesses often aim to:


Improve Business Credit Core: Many businesses take a second mortgage for debt consolidation which means paying off existing debts. This is primarily aimed at improving the business credit score.


Enhance Overall Business Productivity: A second mortgage can be taken to renovate or re-brand your business by making needed additions and subtractions as the case may be


Expand a Business Idea: A second mortgage could be taken out to take one’s business from the level it is now to another level by harnessing specific opportunities opened to it.

The pros and cons of second mortgage loans in Australia


  • It offers your business an opportunity to borrow a large sum of money, using your property as a security.
  • It comes with certain tax benefits that give your business an amount as a deduction on interest paid.


  • Its requirements are strict, sometimes more than that requested in a first mortgage loan.
  • Default of payment may lead to forfeiture of property used as security

Obtaining a second mortgage loan in Australia can sm a challenge with most providers demanding high rates; however, Zip Funding can help to simplify the process and have access to affordable interest rates the type that far surpasses what our competitors provide.

Our representatives are always available to help your business secure a second mortgage by providing you with the necessary information and requirements to apply for second mortgage in Australia.

Second Registered Loan Scope

Property Type Residential, Office, Industrial, Hotel, Leisure, Childcare & Medical
Property Location NSW, WA, QLD, VIC & SA
Facility Type Caveat/ 2nd Mortgage Debt (bridge)
Facility Size (Min. / Max.) $50K to $5m
Facility LVR (Max.) 80%
Facility Term (Min. / Max.) 6 months to 12 months
Likely Repayment Bank refinance post value improvement / Sale proceeds
Interest Rate (From) From 8.95%% p.a.

**Other fees may apply. Each loan will be subject to satisfactory due diligence to our sole discretion
** No Doc & No Credit Check Facilities

Need a second mortgage loan?

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