Short term commercial loans provide businesses with quick and easy access to working capital for a wide range of business needs. These short-term loans are for 3-12 months. Businesses can purchase property, upgrade machinery or increase inventory for peak periods with this type of financing.
Zip Funding offers the best short term commercial loans at the lowest rates in Australia. Our products and services provide fast guaranteed results with our commercial finance and funding lines. Low-interest rates with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We help you to acquire commercial financing easily with our top funding facilities. It is our pleasure to serve the needs of Australia’s commercial finance sector.

Property investing and property acquisition opportunities often come and go in a matter of days due to the fast-paced nature of the industry. To complete a transaction quickly or refinance an existing asset at a moment’s notice, suitable funding options are essential.

We provide individuals and businesses with a short-term funding solution. We ensure our clients understand the principal risks and considerations when applying. You can apply even with a bad credit history.

Zip funding has the solutions for your commercial lending. We are Australia’s leading commercial lender with low rates. You do not have to worry about documents or credit checks. We guarantee the lowest-rate short term commercial loan.

What is a short term commercial loan?

Short term commercial loan is a loan taken for 3 months to one year to support business financial needs. It helps you with working capital to take care of unexpected and Immediate business expenses. It also helps you in expanding business, buying machinery or stock, and fulfilling your commercial business needs.
The purpose of a commercial bridge loan is mainly to fill temporary funding shortages for potential investors, developers, and landlords. Like personal loans, commercial bridge loans can also serve as a short-term solution to funding gaps. The duration of the loan is usually 12 months or less. Standard uses of commercial bridge loans include:
  • Commercial Property purchases
  • Commercial Property refinances
  • Commercial Property Refurbishments
  • Renovation projects and property development
  • Debt refinancing/consolidation
  • Business expansion
  • Short-term working capital and inventory purchases
  • Temporary cash flow issues

The equity in your property serves as collateral for a commercial bridge loan.  Utilizing Commercial and mixed-use properties can serve as a valuable tool to obtain this type of finance.

Considering the many options available for financing, finding the right bridge loan can be complex. We put this into practice by delivering a customized service that meets the needs of your business, helping you achieve the best funding result possible.

Why do you need short term commercial loans?

Businesses sometimes need immediate financing for unexpected and immediate needs. For example, the cash flow for almost all businesses is disturbed with the Covid-19 pandemic. Commercial loans can help you with working capital till you have your cash flow back. Here are some key factors:
  • Mortgage secured over any metropolitan and regional residential & commercial security properties
  • Duration ranging from 3 months to 24 month
  • Loans settled quickly. Normally within 48 hours of receiving an independent valuation.
  • Loan Amounts between $100k to $30m
  • Competitive Pricing – from 2.85% p.a.for first mortgages and from 8.95% p.a. for second mortgages
  • Special regard is given to applications where interest payments are made monthly (Maximum up to 70% LVR capitalized)

How short term commercial finance works in Australia?

The process for getting short term commercial funding is similar to the rest of the world in Australia. These loans are for a 3-12 months period. You can apply for one through the bank or a private lender. Most people are not comfortable with banks due to documentation and credit score requirements.

Private lenders can lend you a fast loan with low doc and no credit checks. They will lend you even with a bad credit history. We help our customers even with a bad credit istory. If you are looking for this type of financing, please feel free to contact us. We assure to provide you with the lowest possible rates.

We offer Australias lowest rates. We guarantee this is far much less than banks and other private lenders. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We serve businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs and non-residentials as well.

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Advantages of Short Term Commercial Loans


Loans up to $25,000,000 per security
No Doc Low Doc Facilities
Wide Range of Securities Considered
High Loan to Value Ratios
No Credit Checks
Loans against Valuations
Low Rates

INTEREST RATE (FROM)We offer Australias lowest rates !

**Other fees may apply. Each loan will be subject to satisfactory due diligence to our sole discretion
** No Doc & No Credit Check Facilities

Why would you need short-term working capital?

The purpose of short-term trade funding is the same as it is for most business borrowing. Though, that doesn’t mean it is are the best short term commercial loan financing for your business.

The best way to use these kinds of loans for small businesses is to see them as a short-term cash injection to help you overcome cash flow problems or take advantage of unexpected investment opportunities.

What is the average loan term for small businesses?

Business owners can acquire small trade loans over a variety of timeframes. Short-term loans for small businesses tend to be repaid over three to twelve months, although you can repay them sooner.

A medium-term small enterprise loan typically has a repayment period of three and five years. Only a few specialized business-related lenders in Australia will offer you long term business property loans, stretching over 15 years and beyond.

How does a short-term loan benefit your business?

You can use short-term loans to get cash into your business fairly quickly. Small businesses can use short-term loans to move soon, such as when they want to pay for an unexpected expense or get through a period where cash flow is irregular.

One of the main advantages of short-term financing is its speed. A quick small business loan can allow you to access funds within a few days. A small business loan can be approved almost instantly. Some lenders may offer ‘instant business loans’ or ‘same-day business loans if you meet their criteria. Explore all your options, as interest rates vary greatly depending on the lender and your current situation.

Disadvantages of Short-Term Commercial Loans

When you acquire a commercial property loan in Australia for a shorter period, you will likely make higher monthly repayments. You may pay less interest overall, but each payment will probably be higher since there are fewer monthly payments. Before considering a short-term loan for your business, make sure you can make these payments.

In addition, these loans typically have higher interest rates. How come short term commercial loans have higher interest rates? The lender can still make money from the loan even if you default. A higher interest rate acts as a warranty for your bank or lender.

What are some alternatives to short-term financing for businesses?

If a short-term loan from a bank or similar lender is not an option for you, many short-term financing options are readily available.

When considering these options, consider how much money you need to borrow. If you require a small amount of cash for a short period but cannot get a business loan, you can consider applying for a business credit card. You can use these to overcome difficult cash flow periods, but they can get expensive if you do not repay them on time.

Factoring is another short term funding option that allows you to borrow money against the value of unpaid invoices. 

As short-term loans are usually expensive, and you are confident that you can make repayments for years into the future, a longer-term loan may be a better option 

When comparing loans, what factors should you consider?

A loan comparison may seem straightforward but beware of hidden charges.

Sites that compare prices will show you the APR (annual percentage rate) lenders offer, the amount of money you can borrow, and the loan term. However, this is often a crude and inaccurate way to determine how much a loan will cost you. It is often complicated to get a loan, and there are often hidden fees associated with early repayments and missed payments.

By comparing loans from various lenders, we can show you the actual costs of your business loan to make an informed choice.

Is a commercial bank account necessary for a short-term loan?

Any business financing, including a short-term loan, requires a business bank account. However, some money lenders may allow you to apply for a guaranteed commercial loan if you can offer collateral – such as property or equipment – as collateral.

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